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What Are Paper Shredders Used for?

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What Are Paper Shredders Used for?

One of the most elegant and practical machines that man has created is the paper shredder. These days, paper shredders are crucial. It is used to delete private information, including bank records, medical files, and others of a similar nature. However, have you ever pondered how a paper shredder was created?

Prior to using a paper shredder

Paper had to be destroyed before the invention of the paper shredder. Particularly if the writings on the paper are deemed to be extremely harmful, the paper must be destroyed. For instance, during the Second World War, the Nazis destroyed any papers, books, or records that dealt with subjects they deemed unwholesome.

Sometimes documents are burned just because the information they contain is essential to the safety of one or more individuals. Soldiers have reportedly burned key papers having a connection to their intelligence activities multiple times. They do not want their adversaries to obtain the information contained in those documents.

However, there have been cases where significant documents were destroyed simply out of cruelty. An excellent example would be the Library of Alexandria, which was thought to have been destroyed by Muslim invaders of Egypt and housed more than 500,000 significant papers.

Introduction and Development of the Paper Shredder

Abbot Augustus Low is credited with creating the first paper shredder. In February of 1909, his creation, which he called the waste paper receptacle, was granted a patent. But he passed away before his creation could be duplicated. Then, in 1935, Adolf Ehinger in Germany succeeded in developing a paper shredding device based on a pasta maker's mechanism. He soon had the opportunity to promote his innovation to several businesses. Strip-cut paper shredders were first used by government organizations because they believed it was crucial to destroy critical documents. It became important for individuals to possess their own paper shredding machines as awareness of concerns including identity theft, waste disposal, and opposition to burning increased.

Three Arguments in Favor of Paper Shredding

For the protection of sensitive and private information, paper shredding or document destruction is essential. Bills, financial accounts, marketing plans, personnel files, and even delivery packages are just a few examples of the sensitive documents that most of us generate and maintain. Paper is broken into strips or small bits by shredders, which are subsequently collected and recycled by government agencies, non-profit organizations, big enterprises, small enterprises, and private individuals.

Respect For The Law

Everyone has the right to have their personal information protected. In reality, there are regulations that make it illegal to dispose of documents that contain sensitive or secret information. Businesses that possess personal data but fail to secure it may risk financial and legal repercussions. For instance, employers utilize paper shredding services to get rid of outdated personnel files.

Security Of Mother Nature

To produce paper, many trees are taken down. People support a "paperless society" and only use paper as a last option in order to maintain trees. The technique of sustainable farming provides the raw ingredients required for the production of paper. Another way to protect forests is by recycling and reusing the strips left behind from paper shredding machines.

How To Avoid Identity Theft

With the development of the Internet, identity theft cases are becoming more common and pose a serious concern. Unsafe disposal of a delivery box bearing a name and an address might already constitute a risk. To prevent identity theft and fraud, using a paper shredder and comparable tools is regarded as "best practice" for businesses and individuals.

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