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Which Particular Documents Should You Shred When Shredding Paper?

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Which Particular Documents Should You Shred When Shredding Paper?

Identity theft, a crime that affects millions of individuals every year and costs many billions, is reduced, if not entirely, by paper shredding. Even though it can appear intimidating, some people methodically go through trash bins to find information. Due to the high risk of identity theft and intellectual property theft, companies and enterprises either buy shredding equipment or use shredding services. Private individuals, however, also require the same level of safety.

Practically everything that may be used to impersonate you or jeopardize your privacy qualifies as a sensitive or compromising document. To maintain privacy and security, all kinds of papers containing personal information must be shredded, destroyed, and properly disposed of.

Subscription-only Materials

Be cautious while discarding those magazines and daily newspapers you subscribe to because they typically reveal your name and address. For old copies, use a paper shredder to shred them.


Identity thieves may use any receipts that include your name, signature, address, or other personal information against you. It does not make sense to throw them out carelessly.

Tax Records: According to the Revenue Commissioner's regulations, you must preserve your tax returns for six years if you file them each year and save them. You may then get rid of them after that.

Mortgage Documents

Same as with tax returns, don't keep mortgage documents around for too long. After the property has been sold for at least five years, shred it. Find out what security requirements your mortgage provider has by speaking with them. It's wonderful to know that they have a deal with a trustworthy provider of shredding services.

Mail Snail

You should immediately destroy any credit card proposals you get since they could include compromising information about you or they might be utilized by someone else instead of you.

A Pay Stub

After one to two years, or as soon as they agree with your tax statement, destroy any pay-related records.

Health Records

Some people are quite concerned about maintaining the privacy of their medical information, but whether you have a serious disease or not, you should still destroy your medical records since they contain personal information in addition to information on your physical and medical conditions.

Utility Invoices

Once your utility bills are paid, feed them through the paper shredder. However, only store them for a year if you want to use them as tax deductions. If utilized in relation to the Revenue, these must be preserved for 6 years.

Bank Records

After a year, destroy paper statements; nevertheless, wherever practical, utilize electronic statements.

You might not be able to properly shred and dispose of all the documents in your home if there are a lot of them that need to be destroyed. Additionally, it's possible that you don't have secure enough storage for all of these papers.

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